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We offer a completely different camping experience. You'll camp with friends or family in private glades situated right at the heart of our conservation project.

Castle Wild Camp is divided into two main areas: Oak and Acorn:

Oak: this area was previously farmed but abandoned in the late 1980s. Since then it's

been entirely left and has naturally developed into an amazing wildlife-packed complex

of scrub and wildflowers, bordered by mature oaks. From May 2023, we're offering 8 glades

where you can camp within this beautiful area.



Acorn: Consisting of five large fields, this area is the start of something very special. In spring 2023

these fields will be harvested for the last time and thanks to this project will be allowed to revert back to a

natural state. The area will likely eventually develop into a similar habitat as the Oak area, passing through many

different ecological stages along the way. In early years the fields will be a tumble of "weeds" (aka bountiful food for birds and insects) but over time thickets of bramble will grow and from within the shelter of these thorns colonising tree species such as hawthorn will emerge, followed by slower growing trees like oak. Once established, one of these fields will available for camping.













Alongside your amazing camping glade, you'll have access to the whole reserve - a 45-acre nature-packed area that over time will develop into wildflower meadows, woodland, open glades and scrub - where you can immerse yourself in wildlife and enjoy a truly relaxing experience!


The site is well linked to the wider landscape with off-road walks to Baconsthorpe Castle, a beaver reintroduction site and nearby pub which serves delicious home-cooked food and good beer....

We're proud to be part of such a positive conservation project and by coming to stay you'll be supporting an alternative sustainable land use model that gives back to nature (so give yourself a pat on the back!).


You can find out more information about the amazing glades on offer and book via our online system below...


(Coming soon)

(From May 2023)

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