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  • When does the site open?
    We're now a fully certified site, operating under a Natural England licence. Next year we will be open between the 2nd May and 16th September 2024. Our booking system is now up and running so you can book your 2024 stay.
  • How does a certified site work?
    Castle Wild Camp is a certified site with the Go Explore Camping Club. Under our licence, guests who pre-book a camping space are automatically considered members for the duration of their stay (at no additional charge). When guests depart the site, their membership ends and starts again the next time they stay on a certified site.
  • Do I need to pre-book or can I just turn up?
    As you'll be booking into a specific glade, pre-booking is required. You can book via our easy-to-use online booking system.
  • Can I cancel or amend after booking?
    You can amend or cancel your booking up to 60 days before your visit via our online booking system. Go to the booking page and then click on the log in button (see below). After this period we regret that no changes or refunds can be made.
  • How does the glade system work?
    Each glade is a private space just for your group, so you won't be sharing it with strangers. Each glade is unique and allows for the booking of a minimum and maximum number of tents. You can camp in a single tent in some glades whereas in other glades you will need to bring a group of friends and family with two or more tents to share with (or you can pay for the minimum number of tents required and enjoy the glade to yourself). So, there's a glade for everyone, whether you want to spend time with family and friends or relax by yourself. See the glade section for more information.
  • Is Castle Wild Camp suitable for children?
    Yes, the site is suitable for children and is a great place for them to explore and immerse themselves in nature! It's important to note that there is open water on the site (ponds and a small stream) so children need to be supervised by an adult at all times. Also, it's well worth bringing sturdy shoes, the main paths are kept clear but if you want to explore off the tracks (we encourage this!) then you will need to be ready for thorns and nettles.
  • Can I book the site on an exclusive basis?
    Yes, to enquire about booking the whole site please email us at (see below question re hen and stag parties).
  • Can we have a campfire?
    We provide a brazier at each glade and you can purchase locally sourced, sustainable firewood from our shop (please don't collect and burn deadwood from the site as it's a very important resource for many animals including newts and stag beetles).
  • How should we pitch our tents?
    Please leave 6m between tents for fire safety reasons.
  • Can I book a stag do/ hen party?
    To keep the site peaceful and a haven for nature we don't allow hen or stag parties.
  • What time is check in and out?
    You can come and pitch from 2pm, midday is our check out time.
  • Can I bring a speaker and play music?
    We want Castle Wild Camp to be a peaceful place to come and relax and enjoy nature, so we don't allow amplified music on site. If you're looking for somewhere to party then there are many other campsites locally that would be more suitable.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    The main aim of the project is to create a wildlife haven and therefore dogs are not allowed on site.
  • How far is it to walk from the car park to the site?
    You can find out how far your glade is from the car park in the individual glade details. We provide a cart so you can load your camping equipment into to make the trip easier! No cars are allowed further than the car parking area, this means that you can relax and enjoy the site fully without worrying about traffic.
  • What facilities does the site offer?
    As our name suggests, the site is back to nature and basic, but nevertheless provides comfortable facilities including compost toilets, showers and a washing-up area. Each glade is equipped with a fire pit and you can purchase local sustainably-sourced firewood from our shop.
  • Where is the nearest pub, shop etc?
    Visit our nearby page for more information on local attractions, including pubs, restaurants, cafes, beaches and so on.
  • Can we buy provisions on-site?
    We have a small shop on site that sells firewood and other basics. We accept cash or card.
  • Can I charge my phone on site?
    There is no electricity on site. If you need to charge your phone then please bring a power pack.
  • Is there wifi on site?
    We're glad to say there is no wifi on site! This means you can switch off, tune into nature and return home refreshed after your stay :)
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