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We offer clean and environmentally sensitive facilities that minimise our impact on the local environment.

Compost toilets

Simple and simple, our toilets use natural processes to reduce waste (rather than pouring it into local rivers as per standard!). When set up correctly, composting toilets do not smell and have a very low environmental impact, in fact, they save 11 litres of water in comparison to a flushing loo!


Our toilets are cleaned on a daily basis.

Hot bucket showers

Simple but effective, our campers love our bucket showers (check out our Google reviews as many mention our showers!). Fill the bucket with hot water, winch it up and then enjoy! One of our showers is under cover and the other is fully open at the top, so you can shower while watching birds overhead.

Our showers save 120 litres of water in comparison to a power shower!

Hot washing up area

We provide a washing up area with hot water.

Environmentally friendly products

We provide eco-shampoo and washing up liquid. These contain no phosphate, sulphates or other nasties, so cause no harm to our site.

We are an off-grid site and do not provide any electric hook-ups.


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