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We offer 11 camping glades - beautiful and peaceful clearings - situated right in the heart of our 60-acre conservation project for you to enjoy, either by yourself or with friends and family. Camping within a glade is a special experience as you're very much surrounded and part of nature.

For those who don't want to pitch, we also offer a secluded woodland cabin and a converted bus so you can come and stay in comfort!

Each glade is booked on an exclusive basis, so no sharing with strangers (apart from the occasional fox or deer wandering through).


All of the glades are unique; some are set within woodland, some next to ponds and others surrounded by scrub and wildflowers. Each is a different size and can therefore host a minimum and a maximum number of tents for your group. For example, Bullfinch glade (birds-eye view and ground-level view images) is our largest glade and can host a private group of between 3 and 4 tents. In contrast, Chaffinch glade is smaller and can be booked either by a single-family tent or by a group with two small tents.

Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 11.59.54.png

Did you know?

Arable land supports around 200 pairs of birds per km. In contrast, the scrub habitat we're encouraging at Castle Wild Camp supports a whopping 2250 pairs of birds per km!

You can check availability find out more information and book the amazing glades on offer via our online system below.

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