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Castle Wild Camp was founded by two friends, Jonathan and Allen. We both have a passion for wildlife and wanted to create a project that would provide a much needed boost for local wildlife, and so the concept of Castle Wild Camp was born. We're allowing nature to take the reins on 45 acres of arable land and encouraging a mixture of habitats to take hold, in turn supporting a wide range of wildlife.

To understand why we're undertaking this project, you have to go back in time! Rather than being completely enclosed forest, much of Britain actually used to be a mosaic of trees, emerging scrub and open areas of grass and wildflowers. These areas would have been "managed" by a whole host of grazing animals; from cows to pigs to deer to horses. Much of our British wildlife has evolved to thrive in this mix of habitats, but as these habitats have declined so have many of our native species.


That's what Castle Wild Camp is all about. By allowing arable fields to revert to nature, we're creating lots of this beautiful mixed habitat that is loved and needed by so many species, from nightingales to turtle dove.


We're proud to be part of such a positive conservation project and by coming to stay you'll be supporting an alternative sustainable land use model that gives back to nature (so give yourself a pat on the back!).

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