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We've set up a panel of wildlife experts to make sure Castle Wild Camp keeps on the right direction. Each member has their own area of expertise and, in combination, this means that we can make sure that this project provides the maximum benefits for as many groups of wildlife as possible. Our scientific panel consists of:


Dr Jonathan Lewis-Phillips

Castle Wild Camp Founder

Expertise: Freshwater ecology, birds and dragonflies


Allen Trivett

Castle Wild Camp Founder

Expertise: Wildlife photography, amphibians


Professor Carl Sayer

University College London

Expertise: Pond restoration, plants, black shuck

matt hill_edited.jpg

Dr Matt Hill

University of Huddersfield

Expertise: Aquatic insects, landscape ecology


Dr Jonah Tosney

Norfolk Rivers Trust

Expertise: River restoration, fish.


Dr Richard Cooper

University of East Anglia

Expertise: Hydrology, rivers and wetlands

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